Jason Peterson’s (@jasonmpeterson) Black-and-White Chicago

Jason Peterson (@jasonmpeterson) is known for capturing and sharing photos of everyday life in Chicago. Now, with the introduction of video, Jason is able to bring motion to those distinctive urban scenes. “I love how much more story the video feature can bring to my favorite stills,” Jason says. “I have shot the tree on Foster Beach in Chicago tons of times, but I feel the video is able to convey that awesome feeling of summertime in Chicago to the absolute fullest.”

With the monochrome Moon filter, Jason carries over the distinctive backlit, black-and-white style of his photos to video. “The moon filter is awesome,” Jason says. “I love how it crushes the blacks down but doesn’t add a ton of noise.”

After more than two years of capturing his hometown through photos, video has been a welcome creative challenge for Jason. “It has forced me outside my comfort zone. I have been unsure of so many shots I’ve posted, but the positive feedback has definitely kept me motivated….You’ll find that the encouragement of the Instagram community is truly inspiring.”

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