Photojournalists Sharing the World through Instagram, Part 2

People around the world are capturing and sharing moments from their lives through Instagram. This includes photojournalists, who travel the globe and tell other people’s stories as a career.

For a glimpse into the life of a photojournalist, take a look at these accounts:

  • Tim Fitzsimons, Beirut-based journalist — @tfitzsimons
  • Ed Ou, journalist based in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia — @edouphoto
  • Teru Kuwayama, Afghanistan and Pakistan-based journalist — @terukuwayama
  • Wissam Nassar, a photographer based in the Middle East — @wissamgaza
  • Damir Sagolj, Reuters photojournalist based in Bangkok — @damirsagolj
  • Daniel Berehulak, Australian photojournalist based in New Delhi — @danielberehulak