Documenting the Legs of New York with @stace_a_lace

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During the work day, Stacey Baker is an associate photo editor at The New York Times Magazine, curating photos and occasionally contributing to the Times Magazine's 'The 6th Floor' blog.

In March, Baker posted to her Instagram account (@stace_a_lace) the first of what would become a recurring series of photos documenting the various styles and shapes of women’s legs in New York City.

"I started taking pictures of women’s legs about four months ago. Like a lot of people who live in New York, I walk a great deal, and almost everywhere you look, you see wonderfully stylish people," says Stacey. "Occasionally, I get a negative response, but for the most part, the women I approach are game and seem pleased to have been asked. A number of women have told me I’ve made their day."

Stacey offers advice for those that may want to try their hand at photographing strangers:

"I think people are most receptive when you’re as straightforward as possible," she says. "When I approach someone, I explain that I’m doing a project on legs, and I show them a sample of the images I’ve already posted. I offer to delete any photos they don’t like, and also to email them the images."

And what if you’re turned down? “Sometimes a rejection stings a little, but you just keep trying.”