On the Move with @fosterhunting

Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) is a nomad surfer who travels the country in his 1986 Volkswagen van. His Instagram photos capture moments from his adventures on the road, building fires at campsites in the Sierras and catching waves in Baja. Foster even started the #vanlife hashtag as a way for other vanlifers to share their journeys.

Now with Video on Instagram, Foster is adding sound and movement to his nomadic life and taking followers along for the ride. We can hear wind whipping out the windows as he travels along the coast and see the hammocks swinging in the trees at his campsite. “Video on Instagram lets me capture a more dynamic portrait of my life on the road,” Foster says.

Want to see more of Foster’s adventures? Be sure to check out his videos and follow him on Instagram @fosterhunting.