The Whimsical Drawings of @khiesti

Kerstin Hiestermann’s (@khiesti) minimalistic, playful and sometimes odd drawings are proof that, as she asserts, the child in her is still alive. By laying real objects on white paper and adding simple black line drawings, she brings new worlds to life.

Kerstin, an elementary school teacher, pulls inspiration from all around her. “Flowers, plants, food, things from my work and sometimes a word that someone says to me or a question my son asks me. I often see worlds in little things. There is a flower and I see a giraffe, there is a toy dinosaur and I think, ‘it must be very hard to pull him,’ or my son says ‘Krawumm!’ and I see an exploding lilac.”

"Instagram is my ignition," says Kerstin. "I love the interaction with all the people all over the world, the inspiration, the mindfulness. I think without Instagram I would never have come to this idea and I would never know how much creativity is inside me."

Be sure to view more of Kerstin’s wonderful, whimsical drawings on Instagram at @khiesti.