Instagrammers Brave the Mists of South America’s Iguazu Falls

For more photos from the falls, check out the location pages for Garganta del Diablo in Argentina and Garganta do Diabo in Brazil.

The Iguazu River marks the border between the South American countries of Argentina and Brazil. As it snakes eastward towards Paraguay, the river encounters the Paraná Plateau where the it suddenly surges over an 82-meter drop. A series of islands along the 2.7-kilometer ridge divides the river into the hundreds of cataracts that make up Iguazu Falls, one of the widest waterfalls in the world.

The giant U-shaped gorge known as “The Devil’s Throat” marks the focal point of Iguazu. A kilometer-long walkway on the Argentine side leads visitors to a dizzying view from the gorge’s top, while the Brazilian side boasts a platform at the falls’ base that affords tourists a panoramic view of the surrounding 260 degrees of falls.

The protected environment on both sides of the border is home to many jungle species including Iguazu’s particularly photogenic coatis. Intrepid Instagrammers braved the mists and weren’t afraid to get their phones a bit damp for these incredible photos from the falls.