The Art of the Post with @nasyakopteva

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Nasya Kopteva (@nasyakopteva) made her first mail artwork at the age of five. “My grandmother let me paint old Soviet envelopes. In those opened envelopes, I saw small houses and added doors, windows, fences and whole rooms inside. When I remember those post cities, I feel happiness. What wonderful things an open-minded child can create!”

Nasya still makes mail art today but sends the letters to just one recipient, her friend Sasha. “We exchange painted post stories and try to surprise and delight each other.” Nasya and Sasha share some of their most beautiful creations on their blog ( and on Instagram. “I am a completely visual person. For me, Instagram is the most convenient way to freeze moments and share visual information–energy, feelings and beauty—with others who are in search of it.”