Documenting the Instagram Community with @technopaul’s “Instagram Is”

"In a culture immersed in technology, Instagram is reviving adventure, face to face community and real relationships. How can something so digital actually get people out from behind their devices into the analog world?"

When filmmaker Paul Tellefsen (@technopaul) was asked to make a trailer for a “fake movie” as an assignment in his senior year at UT Dallas, he decided to take a look at the community he’d fallen into through Instagram. After finishing the trailer, Paul felt he had to continue exploring this community and telling their stories, so his “fake” film became his senior capstone, and he set out on a trip across the United States to make his vision a reality. After months of filming, directing, editing and marketing, Instagram Is finally premiered last night.

Check out Paul’s short documentary to hear the experiences of people from across the Instagram community and the adventures they’ve shared.