The Beautiful Minimalism of @katia_mi

For more beautiful black and white photographs, follow @katia_mi. Black and white not your thing? Visit her second account, @katia_mi_, for her color photos.

Moscow, Russia-based art director Katia (@Katia_mi) isn’t trying to create a mood with her photos. “I have no mission, no reason. This is an internal dialogue. Feelings are much more interesting than ideas,” she says.

In her day-to-day, Katia works as a versatile designer, working on interiors, jewelry, women’s accessories and even communication design. And while her career requires her to tailor her art to the needs of her clients, her Instagram account allows her to express her own daring thoughts.

"Most photographers believe that details are the most important things in a picture. In black and white, I get rid of details and put sense in shadow."

Though shadows are her specialty, Katia also has a second Instagram account, @katia_mi_, where she posts some of her photos in color.