On the Road with Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste

For more photos from Ed and Grizzly Bear, follow him at @edroste and be sure to check out Ed’s Photos of You section on your mobile device.

In addition to being an avid Instagrammer, Ed Droste (@edroste) also happens to be a songwriter and singer in Grizzly Bear, an indie-rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band has been playing shows across the United States after the debut of their latest album, and Ed has been sharing his behind-the-scenes perspective of life on the road as they go.

Midway through their tour we launched Photos of You, providing Ed with an incredible new view of Grizzly Bear’s life on the road—the fans’ perspective: “I’ve always used Instagram as a public photo album of my travels, and the Photo Map is one of my favorite elements in terms of remembering exactly where I was when I took certain pictures years ago, but with Photos of You I get a whole new perspective on tours and my journeys, which is really cool to see.”

Ed’s Photos of You section has not only given him the opportunity to view photos of the band’s performance from the audience’s perspective, but it’s also allowed him to re-connect with Grizzly Bear fans. “I love meeting people as much as I can after shows. Naturally, I can’t document and remember every person I meet, but this has definitely jogged my memory on meeting some really lovely and cool fans and conversations.”


What have you discovered through Photos of You? Starting tomorrow, the Photos of You section will be visible to everyone who can currently see your profile. Read more about Photos of You here.