Australia and New Zealand Observe Anzac Day

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In Australia and New Zealand, April 25th marks Anzac Day, a day set aside to honor veterans and remember those who lost their lives during military conflicts and peacekeeping expeditions.

The date of Anzac Day, which takes its name from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), falls on the anniversary of the first major ANZAC conflict. During the First World War, troops took on the Ottoman Empire in an attempt to clear the way to the Black Sea for Allied navies. The reports of heavy casualties had a profoundly sobering impact on the Australian and New Zealand mindset.

Now, Anzac Day commemorates those who fought in all conflicts and is observed by holding parades and events, such as the Dawn Ceremony at the Hobart Cenotaph in Tasmania, spending quality time with family veterans and baking Anzac biscuits.