The World Celebrates Earth Day

Are you participating in any Earth Day activities today? Share photos of how you’re helping to raise awareness with the Earth Day Network’s #faceofclimate hashtag.

Today, billions of people around the world observe Earth Day, a holiday set aside to celebrate the planet and raise awareness and support for environmental protection. Earth Day first began in 1970 after a United States senator called for a nation-wide day of environmental education after seeing the damages from an oil spill the year before. Over 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day, and since then it has become a United Nations official holiday with communities participating from nearly 200 countries.

This year the Earth Day Network is emphasizing the positive side of climate change—those working to change it for the better—by asking people to share photos of themselves on Earth Day with the #faceofclimate hashtag and tell the stories of how they’re helping protect the environment.