No Passport Required: @passionpassport Travels the World

Many people dream of travelling the world, and while most of those dreamers struggle to act on the desire to explore, others simply can’t ignore the pull of wanderlust and embark on worldly adventures. That’s exactly what Zach Glassman (@passionpassport) did during a journey he called “Passion Passport.”

Recently, Zach completed his “Wanderlust Year” across 18 countries and five continents in 10 months, all of which he documented through Instagram. “I began using Instagram because it allowed me to instantaneously share my travels with my friends and family,” he says. “As my trip began, the collaborative spirit within Instagram became apparent. Instagrammers were contacting me from places as far away as China, Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa.” As a result of the overwhelming support he’s received, the next part of Zach’s journey is to inspire others to follow their own travel dreams by sharing stories of traveling Instragrammers through his website,

Along the way, Zach shared some particularly incredible experiences—from spending time with his mother in Portugal to adventuring over Victoria Falls. “One moment that sticks out most in my mind was when I reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and snapped a photo in the middle of a snowstorm and -20˚C weather.”

Be sure to follow Zach on Instagram at @passionpassport as the second part of his journey begins!