Whimsical Portraiture with @emilycall

Did you know that portrait photography has existed since the invention of the camera? While those classic portraits focused on the subject’s face, modern photographers like Emily Call (@emilycall) are breaking from tradition. By simply hiding her subject behind or underneath objects, she’s added a unique twist to portrait photography.

“I began taking portraits with my subject’s face hidden purely out of interest,” said Emily. “I was very interested in the questions provoked by the subject’s face not being visible, and the positive feedback I received from my posts encouraged me to further pursue my concept.”

Although whimsical in nature, Emily plans each of her scenes well before shooting them. “Inspiration comes to me through the world with its flaws and beauties. I come up with a lot of the concepts for my portraits far in advance from when I actually take the photos. When I have a free second, I’ll round up a few subjects (mainly my two brothers, who are very patient to put up with me) and I will find some nice, even lighting.”

Be sure to view the fruits of Emily’s delightful labor at instagram.com/emilycall!