Sharing the Super Bowl on Instagram

Today, San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) and Baltimore Ravens (@ravens) fans alike took to Instagram to share their Super Bowl experiences. Over three million photos that mentioned Super Bowl-themed words in their captions were shared today; and at peak, more than 450 photos about the game were posted every second. During the halftime show, over 200 photos per second were posted about Beyoncé (@baddiebey) alone.

We were excited to see people using Instagram to connect with fans during the game. CBS (@CBSSports) highlighted Instagram photos in the pre-game show, and Oreo’s (@oreo) Super Bowl commercial encouraged their fans to participate in an Instagram campaign!

From players’ photos on the field at the Superdome to fans watching at home, we were thrilled to see how people used Instagram this year for inside access to one of the biggest events in sports and as a way to share their own experiences with friends and NFL fans around the world.