Stuff @lastopp Sees When Cycling London

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From Tower Bridge to the London Eye, London resident Lindsey Stopp (@lastopp) takes you on a grand tour of her city’s iconic sights from the seat of her beloved bicycle.

Lindsey started snapping Instagram photos in May 2012 when she bought her first bike and London was alive with Olympic preparations. She takes her mobile photos on the move and edits them later on Instagram. “I cycle everywhere, everyday, and there’s always something that catches my eye…even when I think I won’t find a photo in an area I’ve been 100 times before, I always do.”

Lindsey tells us her inspiration for the series came from other Instagrammers:

"I started to follow more and more talented people who were taking amazing pictures, and they inspired me to share mine. The Instagram experience so far has been incredible, and I love the sense of community and all the wonderful people I’ve come across who are extremely talented and have been very supportive of my photos."