On the Ground in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with @michaelchristopherbrown

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, fighting between the government of President Joseph Kabila and M23 rebels has been raging on for the past few months, and the prospects of war hang heavy over the country.

American photographer Michael Christopher Brown (@michaelchristopherbrown) is in the heart of the DRC capturing the conflict. He lives in an apartment in the city of Goma and has had a variety of assignments in the country, all of which he’s captured solely on his mobile phone. This month, Newsweek International published six pages of Michael’s mobile photos documenting the M23 and the city of Goma. Michael’s affinity for mobile photography stems from its simplicity, speed and authenticity:

I primarily use a phone because it is easy, small and fun … I do not even feel like a photographer and this makes the process more interesting. There is no pressure, there is less control and there is the excitement of a new way to make pictures … Of course, equipment can be important, but what is more important is the way a photographer interacts with the people he is photographing … Depending on the situation, a phone is often not seen as a camera and that can be an advantage.

Michael shares his photos to Instagram because it gives him “the ability to reach large numbers of people instantaneously, to have a dialogue almost in real time, as it has shortened the time from when images are taken to when they reach the public.” To see more of Michael’s photos from the DRC, follow him on Instagram @michaelchristopherbrown and be sure to visit his web profile: