Hello, Brooklyn Nets

Want to see more? Browse through the official stadium hashtag #hellobrooklyn or the Barclays Center’s official location page

The Barclays Center — a $4.9 billion dollar multi-purpose indoor arena — opened just one week ago and it has already gathered an extensive fan base spanning tech-lovers, architect aficionados, and basketball fans alike!

Presented as the most high-tech stadium in sports, and home to the first major league Brooklyn sports team since the departure of the Dodgers to Los Angeles in 1957, Brooklyn Nets fans will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi designed to withstand the pressure of a full stadium, as well as an application designed to help patrons order & pay for food from the comfort of their seats.

The most impressive feature of the new stadium is the Oculus, a giant 360-degree outdoor LED marquee built into the structure’s latticework of 12,000 preweathered steel panels, a design meant to evoke the image of Brooklyn’s brownstones.