Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards on Them

Want to see more of Kevin’s illustrations? Follow @kbut and check out the tag #radcarswithradsurfboardsonthem to see all photos from the project.

Kevin Butler (@kbut) draws rad cars with rad surfboards on them and shares his illustrations on Instagram with the tag #radcarswithradsurfboardsonthem.

"I grew up near the beach, with a dad that rebuilt old hot rods," Kevin tells us. "Because of this, cars and surfboards are the two things I love most. And think about it, a car with a surfboard on it is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s going for a surf or coming back from one. It’s an expression of total happiness and complete contentment."

Last month, Kevin had an art opening where patrons walked away with original illustrations, sometimes depicting their own cars and surfboards. Want a print of your own? You can visit his website to order Kevin’s book or prints.