Millions of people share their lives through photos every day on Instagram. As more and more people join Instagram, it’s important that you know how to stay safe in the community. We wanted to answer a few common questions regarding privacy and safety in hopes of improving your experience on Instagram.

  • You own your photos: When you share your photos to Instagram, you’re sharing them on the Instagram platform, which means others will be able to see them, but you still retain the copyright to your photos. Instagram doesn’t claim any ownership rights over your photos.
  • You have the option to be private: By default, anyone on Instagram can see your photos. If you’d like to limit the people who see your photos to just those who follow you, simply make your account private by turning the “Photos are private” switch ON. Once private, anyone who wants to see your photos on Instagram will need to send you a follow request, which you can then either approve or deny. Read more about the private setting and what happens when you share to other social networks here.
  • You control the location information on your photos: When you take a photo and add it to your Photo Map, anyone can see where the photo was taken. If you are a private user, only approved followers will be able to see where the photo was taken. For some places, like your home, you may want to remove the location information from your photos. To do this, simply edit your Photo Map by following the instructions here.
  • You have the option to block any user: If you’d like to prevent someone from seeing your photos on Instagram, you can block them from viewing your photos or searching for your Instagram account. The blocked user is not notified when they are blocked. Read more here.
  • You can report abusive behavior: We rely on the community to bring to our attention activity that violates our Community Guidelines. We provide ways for you to report users, photos, and comments, and encourage you to utilize these tools to help us make the community a safer place for everyone.
    • Users: To report a user for spam, tap the button at the top right corner of their profile page, then “Report for Spam.” If you’d like to report a user for other reasons, please report the abusive or spammy comments or images.
    • Photos: To report a photo, just tap the “…” button below the photo and then “Report Inappropriate.”
    • Comments: Just swipe right or tap on a comment and tap the trashcan icon. You can then select “Delete & Report Abuse” to remove the comment and report it in a single action. If you see an abusive or spammy comment on someone else’s photo, you can easily report it as spam by following the steps above, though you will see a different icon instead of the trash icon. Note: Reporting comments that are not on your own photos is not included in the current Android version, but we do plan to add it in a future release.

Have more questions? While we are not currently changing our privacy practices, we have updated our Privacy Policy with clearer language to help you understand more about your privacy and safety on Instagram. We also encourage you to browse the Privacy & Safety articles in our Help Center to learn more.