InstaMeet Tips: Documenting Your Adventure

The weekend of July 26th is rapidly approaching, and with it Instagram’s 5th Worldwide InstaMeet. If you haven’t yet registered for the InstaMeet in your area, RSVP today at!

This InstaMeet, Instagrammers around the world are encouraged to go on an adventure together! One exciting aspect of going out on an adventure is collaborating with others to document an experience and location. You can do this easily with hashtags and location tags!


When you hastag your photos, you are contributing to a collection of images that you and other users can browse in the app and on the web.

When participating in your area’s InstaMeet, make sure to tag each photo with #InstaMeet as well as the unique hashtag for your city, like #InstaMeetSF. This way, it’s easy for you and your fellow Instagrammers to see all of the great photos you’ve taken.

Location Tags

Another great way to make sure your fellow Instagrammers can find your photos is to tag their location… especially if you’re meeting up somewhere special!


When you tag your image with your location, you contribute to an archive of pictures from that place. And once you tag your image, you can click on the location pin, and see all of the other pictures Instagram users tagged there!

For more great meetup ideas, check out this article from our last Worldwide InstaMeet on sticking with a theme. And brush up on your photo taking and editing skills by browsing our Help Center article on creating great photos.