A selection of @steveberra’s best-loved photographs from his project, 366 Days of Me. From Left to Right: Steve’s favorite self-portrait. New York City children bursting with energy & life. The project’s first photo, posted May 24, 2011. Pepper, the Mayor of Skid Row and a great friend to Steve, in Los Angeles on Christmas Day 2011. Steve and his daughter on her 18th birthday. Standing in front of art by Retna.

366 Days of Me is a self-portraiture project started by Steve Berra (@steveberra), professional skateboarder and co-founder of Los Angeles indoor skatepark The Berrics.

Steve’s project may have started as a means to win a bet with his best friend but it resulted in a visual momento of his life, “I knew when I was 60 or 80 or 100, I’d appreciate the time I took to do it because no matter how old I feel now, I know I’m going to look back and remember the days when I was young.”

Steve will be uploading the 366th photo today, marking the completion of his project. Be sure to stop by his Instagram feed to congratulate him on uploading a photo a day for just over a year (the extra day is due to the 2012 Leap Year) and check out the rest of his portraits!