@payphones - Dan Marker-Moore, a motion designer from Los Angeles, has an obsession with pay phones and we couldn’t be happier about it! His themed Instagram account, and the hashtag #payphoneography, have become a beautiful tribute to these rarely used and often neglected public telephones.

@dailyfortune - Sarah Palmer is a photographer, designer, and creative craftyperson from San Francisco. She’s also a curator of wonderful words of wisdom and prophecies found inside of fortune cookies!

@dmeek - Demond Meek, a photographer in St. Louis, has begun collecting and sharing fantastic photographs of buildings that are often decaying in a hashtag series he’s called #SlumBeautiful.

@houseoffriedman - Christopher Friedman is a artist and musician in Southern California who shares photographs of unique and often antique objects from around his house delicately placed in the palm of his hand in his series #oneinthehand.

We love discovering accounts and users who challenge themselves to stick with a theme, or create a series, on Instagram! Do you follow an account or user that sticks to an Instatheme that you adore? Let us know! Send us a note through Tumblr!