We at Instagram are thrilled to welcome Android users to our community!

We thought we’d take a moment on this happy occasion to provide a few resources for our new users (and, of course, a refresher for our existing users.)

The Instagram Help Center is a wealth of photo taking, editing and sharing resources. It’s also got answers to your frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting advice in case you run into any problems. Also, make sure not to miss the tips & tricks section.

Combining photosHere are a few of the more popular items from our Help Center:

We also like to highlight tips and tricks right here on the Instagram blog:

We also encourage new members of the Instagram family to get involved with Instameets and photowalks happening in their area. It’s a fantastic way to meet other great photographers, and to get the most out of Instagram’s greatest feature: our users!

For more information, visit help.instagram.com, and follow @InstagramHelp on Twitter.