We had a sneaking suspicion that Instagram users were all over the world, even in the remotest of places. But this past week, National Geographic & The North Face confirmed it for us: Instagram is headed to Everest!

Along the route, The North Face global athlete team has been sharing images to Instagram through the tag #oneverest and on the official National Geographic’s Instagram account, @natgeo. According to @conradclimber, leader of the 2012 National Geographic Everest expedition, “We will be sharing images from Nepal as we trek to #basecamp and on the mountain. If we are lucky we might even share from the summit!”

At the start of the expedition they had the opportunity to take photos in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, where they visited the Bodnath Buddhist temple and witnessed an artist painting at the Thanka School.

Namache Bazaar is a beautiful hillside village in north-eastern Nepal. It is the main trading center for the Khumbu region and the gateway to the Himalaya. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to climb up from the river to Namche, and at 3,500 meters, altitude sickness here is a possibility here so most stay a few nights in order to acclimate.

Along the way, expedition members have had the opportunity to meet people (and animals) living in the hillside villages of Nepal. @andy_barton shared an image of a yak along their trek, as well as a beautiful photograph of a monk named Sonam Pintshok, who lives and prays in the Tengboche monastery. @emilyaharrington captured a heartwarming photograph of children listening to a story at the Magic Yeti Library in Phortse, all captured at about 3,800 meters into their climb.

With views of Ama Dablam standing at 6,856 meters in the distance, National Geographic shares with us how their health is tracked along their climb:

"Mayo Clinic custom made, ultra sophisticated body monitoring devices worn 24/7 by Everest Education Expedition members @conradclimber, @bookofsamuel, @emilyaharrington, and @coryrichards. The devices are ultimately intended for patients with cardiovascular issues to help in early detection and treatment. It samples our heart rate and movement around 15,000 times a minute.”

To continue following Everest Expedition 2012 on their journey to the top, check out @natgeo and #oneverest on Instagram!

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