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Maybe this sounds familiar: You can’t stop posting photos to Instagram and you love viewing and commenting on others’ photos, but you have that sneaking suspicion that there are lots of other fantastic Instagrammers out there who share beautiful photographs that you’ve been missing out on! 

You’ve connected with your Facebook, Twitter and contacts, browsed the Popular Page, and even perused the Suggested Users (which can be located by navigating to Profile > Find Friends > Suggested Users) and the Notable Users Directory. But still you yearn for more.

Maybe a page of photos curated by your friends could help fill this void in your Feed? Don’t know where you would find such a page? We’ve got one right in Instagram!

When you first click on the News tab, you see a list of all the comments and likes that your photos have received, but if you hit the button at the top of the News tab labeled “Following,” you will see the likes and comments from Instagram friends you are currently following.

This is a great way to browse the photos that your contacts found interesting, and in the process, find interesting new users to interact with. You may even come across old friends and acquaintances that otherwise slipped through the cracks!