With millions of people around the world sharing beautiful photos on Instagram, what’s the best way to go about making connections with other users? (Hint: It’s not by posting “Follow me” comments on photos that make the Popular page.) In this series, we’ll share stories from other users who’ve taken unique approaches to developing genuine connections on Instagram and feature them along with photos from one of their favorite users.

Michael O’Neal (@moneal) has developed a large following on Instagram since first joining the community over a year ago. With over 60,000 people following his Instagram photos, he wanted to find a new way to get to know the people viewing his photos every day. So he posted this photo to his followers, asking a simple question: When do you feel most alive? and why?

"The responses were beautiful and reinforced how amazing this community really is," Michael says. "I read through all the comments and visited every account and discovered many new people, including @kameratakberfilem, who answered: ‘I feel most alive when I manage to say NO to my bosses.’ His confidence made me smile. I was drawn to the simplicity and graphic nature of his images.”

Take a look at more of @kameratakberfilem's photos below.

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