Instagram Name: @baileyelaine

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Position at Instagram: Community

Everyone here at Instagram is very excited to welcome our newest member, Bailey Richardson! She holds a degree in American Studies from Stanford and has previously worked with the SFMOMA in communications and recently Ugallery as the Community & Marketing Manager.

We asked Bailey what she was most excited about in starting her position at Instagram, “Lots of things got me excited about Instagram - the ‘stickiness’ of the product, the global visual documentation that’s at your fingertips within the application, mobile photos’ power to communicate the look of your daily life with others, and just how Instagram makes your life feel a little more beautiful. Using the application has helped train my eyes to notice the details around me day in and day out that I know I’d miss otherwise.”

When Bailey isn’t heads down in her iPhone exploring on Instagram, she can be found playing field hockey, surfing, snowboarding in Tahoe, learning to play guitar & solving extremely difficult Tuesday morning crossword puzzles.

We’re thrilled to have Bailey join as the third member of our Community team here at Instagram! We’re also actively seeking more folks passionate about Instagram to join our team. Check out our Jobs page and if you think you’d be a good fit at Instagram, be sure to send an email to