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The newest filter available in Instagram v2.1, Sierra, has been a wonderful addition to our filter family. With a subtle pink tone and a wonderful big border, this filter looks fantastic with most subjects — from landscapes, architecture and portraits (both pets and people) to nature macros and even #fromwhereistand photographs!

While Sierra can be applied to many different types of photographs, we’ve found that it can make scenes that lack contrast or an even exposure appear more desaturated or washed out. If that isn’t an intended photographic style, you can simply apply Lux, our newest photo editing tool, to bring back some of that pop to the scene!

Take a look at these beautiful photographs that have used this new filter, and be sure to tag any of your own Sierra photos with #sierra.

Photos by matescho, yashualangeman, elem, candykay, eithnesusan & meerkatwoman.