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If you missed the news, Instagram v2.1 is out and we’ve introduced a new feature called Lux. With a single tap, photos that are underexposed or lack contrast are instantly transformed. We’ve found that Lux is especially perfect for landscapes & cityscapes. Check out the example photos below to get a better idea of when Lux works best!

An underexposed iPhone photo of a building due to poor lighting from shade is transformed into a lovely detailed shot. Lux balances the exposure, provides much needed brightness, and the image really comes to life.

This already beautiful photo is significantly improved with Lux. The colors become brighter, details in the sign and tower are brought out, and the contrast in the sky makes the clouds pop.

The original image is your standard mobile phone photo - decent exposure, good color, and plenty of detail. But with the addition of Lux the colors become more vibrant and you begin to notice details that weren’t visible before. Lux truly transforms your photos …

… and with the addition of a filter, they can become even more beautiful!

Be sure to tag any of your photos that utilize this new feature with #lux in order to share your photos’ stunning enhancements!