Camera: iPhone 4

How I Shoot is a series where we ask Instagrammers to tell us about their photo-taking processes. This week, @jeera shares his tips for shooting photos in London traffic!

Vantage Point: I’d been wandering through the streets around Trafalgar Square in London, searching for interesting views while dodging traffic. Whitehall Street with Big Ben against the dawn horizon was an obvious target. When the traffic cleared, I tried a few shots, but then I realized the shot would be sort of unreal if I tried to get as many buses and cars into the frame as possible while still keeping Big Ben clearly visible in the background.

Shooting: While shooting in heavy traffic, I usually take a series of shots, as I’m not always able to keep an eye on all aspects of the photo, such as composition and focus. In addition, since the traffic itself changes continuously, sometimes it’s better to wait for lanes to stop or just try a few more shots so that later you can choose the one you like best. In the shot I chose to share, three double-deckers contributed quite well to the color scheme.


  • Snapseed: Using the Tune Image function, I increased Brightness (30%) and Ambiance (50%), then I used the Drama function to increase contrast of middle tones slightly (30%) while preserving color saturation (50%).
  • Camera+: After editing in Snapseed, I used Camera+ to crop the photo into a square format, then I added 70% of the Magic Hour effect to emphasize the beige tones of the morning sun and added a round white border to preserve my composition. This border is actually the only one in Camera+ that can be fully covered by the EarlyBird border in Instagram.
  • Instagram: I’m a hardcore EarlyBird lover, so before sharing the photo on Instagram, I applied the Earlybird filter.

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