Name: Athipan Wongsuebyut, @awnoom

Bio: Graphic Designer. iPhone only.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Athipan Wongsuebyut (@awnoom) likes to head outside of Bangkok, to the beaches and small towns, to take photos of the things he feels are fading in the big city. He finds the people who live outside the city to be calmer, simpler, and friendlier, and these are the qualities he aims to capture in his photography. Following Athipan’s photos not only gives you a look into the everyday life of a designer in Bangkok but also gives you access to the places in Thailand you may not have discovered otherwise.

The sun shines down on a road in the economic center of Bangkok, surrounded by tall buildings. The heavy traffic jam is a familiar picture in this area. The totally different traffic conditions between the left and right sides of the road particularly caught my attention while I was walking across the bridge to get to work.

At one of the piers in Phuket, rain suddenly started to fall, and so my plan to take a boat out to sea was cancelled. I went out to the pier to see the condition of the sea as it rained. The weather and decaying wood of the pier lend a lonely and desolate mood to the photo.

I shot this photo at home during last year’s floods in Thailand. In the evening, I went out paddling with my nephew in front of my home. The golden evening sunlight hit the moving water and created a novel image.