We’re so happy to announce the newest addition to our Instagram team, Tim Van Damme (@maxvoltar), who is joining as a designer!

Tim is self-taught in design and learned through hours upon hours after school and after work experimenting and learning. He started as a freelance designer, then became an iOS designer at Gowalla. He’s also recently become a full-time father!

Tim has been sharing beautiful photos on Instagram since the day we launched. “When I realized things at Gowalla were coming to an end, I looked at my iPhone home screen and asked myself which app I love, use every day, and wanted to be part of. Instagram popped out so I contacted Kevin.”

When Tim isn’t thinking about how he can make Instagram even better, you can find him taking photographs, snowboarding, having fun conversations with friends over beers & enjoying good food.

We’ve very happy to be welcoming Tim to the team today and are actively seeking more folks passionate about Instagram to join our team. Check out our Jobs page and if you think you’d be a good fit at Instagram, be sure to send an email to jobs@instagram.com