Earlier this year, a group of mobile photographers got together to form the Mobile Photo Group, an international collective of 11 photographers dedicated to promoting their work and presenting mobile photography as an important and evolving form of photography. It just so happens that some of the members of this group have taken to Instagram as a way to share their work.

MPG member Misho Baranovic (@mishobaranovic) was last week’s guest photographer on the Australian photo web series www.shutterbugs.tv. In his interview, Misho says that the group is “trying to work with each other to analyze and reflect on why we’re taking certain kinds of shots, and see if there’s any similarities in our work and how we can become better and tell better stories.”

MPG member AikBeng Chia (@aikbengchia) has recently opened a solo show SWIPE(D) - Stolen Moments From The Streets Of Singapore at the IPA Gallery in Singapore. Stay updated on more of the group’s events on the MPG blog.

The Mobile Photography Group is on Instagram as @themobilephoto, and members with Instagram accounts are:

The photo at the top of this post is by @oggsie