Instagram Tips is a series that will feature Instagram-related pro-tips for both novice and expert users alike! Each section header links to Instagram’s Support Center,, for more detailed information.

Comment notifications

You will receive a comment notification in the News tab when someone comments on one of your photos or mentions your username in a comment on anyone else’s photo.

If you have push notifications turned on you will also receive a notice of a like or comment on your locked home screen. You can also adjust which comments or likes are pushed to your phone so that way you’ll only see notifications from people you follow. You can find more information on push notifications in our help center here: Set up push notifications.

Tap & hold a username to reply

In any comment thread you can tap & hold a username in order to quickly reply to that user!

Delete comments

You can delete any comment you’ve left, both on your own photos and other photos, and you can also delete any comment left on a photo that you have posted, which includes comments left by other users.

To delete a comment tap the “comment” button below the photo, then swipe left or right on the comment you would like deleted, and tap delete! Note that there is no way to undelete a comment once you have removed it.

Edit a caption or comment

Have you ever posted a photo & realized there was a typo or you forgot to add something to your caption? While deleting the photo all together is an option, you can also tap “comment” and swipe to the left or right to delete your caption, then re-type and send a proper caption. Unfortunately, this will only work if there have not been any other comments added to your photo between the time you delete and repost, so you’ll need to quickly re-type your caption!

Should you need to edit a comment, you can follow the steps outlined in “delete comments” above in order to remove, re-type and re-send a comment you’ve left.


If your profile is set to public you can add hashtags to your photos in order to add them to a tag page with similar images! Hashtags are a great way for others to discover your photos on Instagram. Here are some hashtag tips:

  • Private users’ tagged photos will not appear on tag pages.
  • You can only tag your own photos.
  • You can add a hashtag to your photo even after you’ve uploaded it with a caption! Just add a comment with your hashtag and it’ll be added to the tag pool.
  • Numbers in hashtags will work, but special characters such as % or $ will not.
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible. We limit the number of hashtags to thirty in order to prevent photos from being mis-tagged.
  • You can tap on hashtags to see the tag page & discover similar photos or search for a specific tag from Profile > Search Instagram > Tags.