A common mistake easily made in photography, especially when the medium is as instant and effortless as mobile photography, is placing focus on the wrong part of the composition. Though common, it can be easily fixed with the tap to focus feature built in to most camera-enabled applications on the iPhone, including Instagram!

Why is tapping to focus on your subject important, especially when the iPhone auto-focuses already, you ask? That’s a great question! It’s important because the iPhone’s camera is smart, but it isn’t smart enough to know exactly what you are trying to focus on. Often it will focus on places that you wouldn’t necessarily want the viewer’s eye to be drawn to, like the background instead of the foreground or the furthest subjects instead of the closest.

The screenshots below utilize Instagram’s camera and provides examples of an image without focus, mis-placed auto-focus, and finally properly placed tap focus:

If you can remember to take an extra second and tap to focus just before hitting the shutter button, then the sharpest part of your images, which should be the main subject, will always draw the attention of any viewer’s eye.