Has a friend ever asked for the original version of a beautiful Instagram photo you took so they could use it as the background on their phone? Have your parents been ranting and raving to all of their friends about how wonderful your Instagram images are to anyone who will listen? If so, CanvasPop’s Instagram printing addition is the perfect holiday gift! You easily can transform any of your images into a 12x12 or 20x20 art piece for the home.

CanvasPop is providing a special price for a limited time and you can also buy a CanvasPop gift card for any of your Instagramming friends.


Let’s get real: Dropping an iPhone can be an expensive mistake, especially if it falls at just the right glass-shattering angle. Why not protect that brand new iPhone with a durable case made out of Instagram images? Create a unique design with Casetagram using any of the six layouts, including two new special edition holiday cases, for yourself or someone you care about.

PostalPix - Aluminum Prints

Metal is totally awesome, especially the kind of metal you can find on the periodic table. Do you know what would be even more awesome than metal? Your Instagram photos infused onto a scratch resistant aluminum plate, that’s what! 

With PostalPix you can easily order long-lasting prints of your Instagram images with your iOS device directly from their application. You could even turn them into a fantastically unique holiday card for your family members! Each aluminum print comes with magnets and double sided tape for easy mounting. 

Be sure to use the code “weloveIG" at checkout for 15% off any purchase made before midnight tonight!

Hatchcraft - Boo Box

These beautiful bamboo shadow box frames, from the freshly relauched Hatchcraft, are a fantastic way to display Instagram images and would make a wonderful gift for that Instagram fanatic in your life!

Though the frames wont be shipping until the new year, Hatchcraft is offering gift certificates under face value Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend only. While you’re ordering a Boo Box gift certificate, be sure to check out their limited edition IG Addict bamboo iPhone case!