Instagram Tips is a new blog series that will feature Instagram-related pro-tips every other Thursday for both novice and expert users alike! 

How to like

Below every image there are “❤ like” and “💬 comment” buttons. If the image has a caption these buttons will be directly below this caption & if the image has any recent comments they will appear below those.

Double-tap to like

Devices running iOS 4.0 or later can double tap on a photo to like it!

Viewing all liked photos

Navigate to the “Profile” tab, then under the Photos section tap “Photos you’ve liked”. You can then see the 32 most recent images you have liked in grid or list view. 

How to unlike

If you’ve accidentally double-tapped to like, or unintentionally hit “❤ like” on your own photo, you can remove the like by re-tapping the “❤ liked” button just below the image.