Don’t you just hate when you go to a museum and you try to take mobile photos of the incredible architecture, or a beautiful new installation (without flash, of course), and you promptly get scolded by a volunteer or security? We do too, which is why we love that there are a few museums, like the San Francisco Museum of Modern ArtBrooklyn Museum, that allow photography throughout almost all of their exhibits and buildings!

Both the SFMOMA (@sfmoma& Brooklyn Museum (@brooklynmuseum) use Instagram for sharing images of special events, their beautiful buildings, patrons enjoying the exhibits, installations as the artists or handlers are setting them up, and even mummies being sent through CT scans in order to verify their contents! 

Check out the photographs below shared by both museums directly, as well as their guests.


Brooklyn Museum


Several other museums around the world, such as Museum Siam (@museumsiam) in Thailand and Powerhouse Museum in Australia (@powerhouse_museum), are also sharing similar behind-the-scenes photographs you wouldn’t normally get to see.

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Photos by sfmoma, anjelika, jonrob5000, nagd, acarboni, orb_thanakrid, kateaspencer, yumcrispypata, reason_modern, shannboogie, chiachad, arosetait, mauricioswg, bread_crumb & brooklynmuseum.