The next Worldwide InstaMeet is just a week away! As you prepare for your city’s meetup, we’d like to remind you about a few simple things that may be helpful on meetup day.

  • Keep it simple: The goal is to get other Instagrammers together and talking, so meeting in a bar or park is a great option for your first meetup. There’s always time to organize more elaborate meetups!
  • Don’t be afraid to start small: It’s okay if only a few folks have signed up for your city’s meetup. 2 or 3 people is still a meetup! You’ll get larger turnouts in the future as more people in your area learn about getting involved.
  • Tag your meetup photos #instameet and #instameetyourcity (e.g. #instameetlondon): This will make it easy for others to find photos from your meetup. This is also a good way to reach out to other Instagrammers in your area that may not have known about the meetup — read our post on creating an InstaMeet invitation for more details.
  • Let us know how your meetup went: Send us a brief note and the share URL to your group meetup photos — we may even feature the photos here on our blog! You can write us at

For more tips on planning your meetup, take a look at our InstaMeets page.

Do you have any other advice for Instagrammers planning InstaMeets? Reblog this and let us know in the comments!

[Photo from the Houston InstaMeet by lil_miss]