The next Worldwide InstaMeet is coming up on Wednesday, October 26. Check out our InstaMeets page to find out how to get involved.

Help spread the word about your city’s meetup by sharing an InstaMeet invitation! Here are some tips to make sure as many Instagrammers in your area know when and where to go on meetup day.

Step 1: Design Your Invitation
There are plenty of apps that make it easy to give your invitations a unique look. A great Instagram photo of your city or meetup location combined with one of the following apps will help you create a beautiful InstaMeet invitation in minutes.

Step 2: Share Your Invitation 
After you’ve created your InstaMeet invitation, follow these tips to reach the Instagrammers in your area:

  • Share the photo on Instagram using the #instameet tag as well as your city’s tag (for example, #instameetlondon).
  • In a comment on your photo, @ mention users you follow in your city and give them permission to reshare your invitation — the more people who see it, the better!
  • Share the invitation on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to reach as many of your friends as you can.
  • Use the “…” button below your photo to copy the photo’s share URL, then share the URL on your city’s Meetup page.

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