We found some amazing photos that use Hudson, one of the new filters that was created by popular Instagram user Cole Rise for Instagram v2.0, for the third installment of our hash-tagged filter feature. You can check out more images posted under the #hudson tag from Profile > Search Instagram > Tags.

Photos by yosimako, sikasep, herbertschroer, fantinel, tombeck1, contrapvnctvs, will_co, sjuk, bardhakk, khezzboy, kevhyphendave, avaisxplodinlava, nereidaglez, rqandriano, kimberlytofu, & alannam.

Be sure to tag your Valencia-filtered photos with #valenciathe final of our four blog posts on the new v2.0 filters, for a chance to be featured here next week, and be sure check out the highlighted photos taken with #amaro & #rise!