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Behind the Scenes and Back to the Source with @3sixteen’s Selvedge Denim

For more photos and videos of what goes into 3sixteen’s clothing and accessories, follow @3sixteen on Instagram.

"There’s a great sense of community on Instagram," says 3sixteen (@3sixteen) co-founder Andrew Chen, who quit his IT consulting job seven years ago to make selvedge denim jeans full-time. Today, 3sixteen's small team designs and manufactures jeans, shirts, hats and other accessories from their shop in New York City.

"Instagram gives us an opportunity to have direct, real-time interaction with people about what we’re working on at any given moment," explains Andrew. "We’re able to interact with people not only about our products, but also other personal passions that closely parallel what we do, like coffee, architecture and travel."

Andrew recently visited the Japanese facility that manufactures 3sixteen’s denim and shared moments from the trip through Instagram. “What’s fun about Instagram is that updates can be as simple as a beautiful pair of worn-in jean that a customer has sent back for repairs or as complex as the step-by-step process of how our denim is woven at our mill in Okayama.”


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Hashtag Highlight: Protect your Melon #amelonaday

To see more photos of creative melon sightings, browse the #amelonaday hashtag and follow @digsapparel on Instagram.

When New York Instagrammer Maz McWilliams (@digsapparel) started documenting himself carrying a melon for 100 days to promote awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he did not expect it to grow into the collaborative movement it has since become.

"Everyone I know calls a melon slang for a person’s head. It has this hard exterior, a soft inside and it’s just this beautiful thing. To me, the melon is a relatable and powerful symbol for TBI awareness." When people started asking him questions about the project, he encouraged them to join in creating their own creative melon images, and the hashtag #amelonaday came to life.

This is a labor of love for Maz, who lost his brother Tim to complications from TBI in 2005. “My brother was 100% my hero, my idol. I get so emotionally overwhelmed working on this in his memory. My wife said, ‘Do you realize you’re looking your brother right in the eyes all this time and you don’t even know it?’ He is a part of everything that I do.”


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Capturing Caracas with @l_navas

For more photos from Luis, follow @l_navas on Instagram.

Caracas Instagrammer Luis Navas (@l_navas) uses Instagram to capture images of his hometown in Venezuela. His photos offer a glimpse into the dangerous streets of his world, and are often taken from above. He explains, “It’s not easy to grab your phone and take a picture without risking being mugged. I try to shoot in places where I feel relatively safe, but in Caracas you never really know. I’ve lost so many good pictures in the street out of fear. Still, I try to make my best effort to take photos and just trust my gut. Shooting in the street is an attempt to make my gallery a reflection of what I see, live and think,” he says.

Luis, a creative VP for an advertising agency, also plays guitar in the band Los Que Rezan and has always been interested in design, music and photography. Born and raised in Caracas, Luis has seen his home country change a great deal over the years. He recalls, “I had a nice childhood in a democratic version of Venezuela where life didn’t revolve around politics and polarization. We had problems—just like any other Latin American country—but nothing like in this day and age.”


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Roundup of Worldwide InstaMeet 9

Did you participate in Worldwide InstaMeet 9 this weekend? We want to hear about it! Tell us more here.

The 9th Worldwide InstaMeet (#WWIM9) took place this weekend and was by far the most international InstaMeet to date! From Karachi to Moldova to Yokohama, thousands of Instagrammers gathered together to make photos and connect around a shared passion for capturing the world’s moments. Many communities got especially creative with their group shots, such as NYC, Barcelona, and Shanghai. Thank you all for making the Instagram community such an extraordinary place full of imaginative, dedicated and compassionate individuals who inspire us everyday!

Here is a sampling of some of the InstaMeets from this weekend that caught our eye:

To see more photos from these and other InstaMeets around the world, explore the #WWIM9 hashtag.


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Exploring the Natural Landscapes of Indonesia with @dj_jocky

For more photos and videos from Jo, follow @dj_jocky on Instagram.

"People I meet on Instagram tell me I’m a born traveller," says Jakarta Instagrammer Muhammad Jocky, who goes by the name Jo (@dj_jocky). Inspired by the Instagrammers he was following, he was drawn to the landscape and travel photography he saw in the app, especially from outdoor photographer Tom Vaillant (@tomvaillant). Jo started traveling to places with nature-rich landscapes in his home country of Indonesia to capture and share these views with the rest of the world. “My favorite places to shoot are mountains, forests and fog in West Java, including Bandung, Bali and Malang,” he explains. Jo also likes to bring his Instagram friends along on his explorations and often holds InstaMeets at these places. “I’m very proud of the things I’ve gained through Instagram and InstaMeets because I have many new friends and greater knowledge about mobile photography,” he says.

Jo is particularly fascinated with capturing fog, which emerges quite often in the mountains and forests of this region. He started the #foggyfrenzy hashtag series as a way to collate all his photos of fog as well as those of other Instagrammers.


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The Week on Instagram | 131


Get Involved

Around the Community


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Paper Doll Style Dreams with @fantasydressup

To see more of Richie and Lucas’s red carpet dreams, follow @fantasydressup on Instagram.

Richie Talboy (@okrichie) and Lucas Lefler (@lucas_lefler) always feel bored when they watch red carpet events. “Celebrities often try to take a neutral approach,” Lucas says. “We wanted to give them a point of view.”

Using Photoshop, they started imagining the stars as digital paper dolls with sophisticated—and sometimes unexpected—styling. They shared the results on Instagram and Fantasy Dress Up (@fantasydressup) was born.

Richie, who is a student in New York City, says his favorite Fantasy Dress Up is Lana Del Rey wearing Céline Fall 2012. “I also really like Janice Dickinson in Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2013,” he says. “There’s so much excess in that look. It’s a ‘stealing-your-man’ kind of look.”

"My favorite is Britney Spears wearing Marques Almeida Spring 2012,” Lucas, who is an art director and set designer, says. “It references her all-denim coordination with Justin Timberlake on the red carpet at the 2001 American Music Awards.”


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Local Lens: Pretending to be a Tourist in Istanbul with @umitko

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. For a fresh perspective on Istanbul’s most iconic places, follow @umitko.

"The city is full of surprises," says Umit Savas (@umitko), who’s called Istanbul home for the past 12 years. “Even if you’ve been to the same location many times before, there is always something new to explore.”

When going out to shoot, Umit always tries to view her city with fresh eyes. “I am inspired by the spirit of being tourist,” she explains. “Some of my favorite spots include the breathtaking inner yard of the Blue Mosque, around the Obelisk of Theodosius in Sultanahmet square, Sirkeci Train Station and Dolmabahce Palace in Besiktas.”

Umit suggests taking a ferry out onto the Bosphorus for spectacular shots of the city skyline. “Seagulls accompany the journey while passing the Bosphorus Bridge, Historical Peninsula and Maiden Tower. When you get close to the Asian side, the Haydarpaşa Garı train station welcomes you in all its glory.”


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This Weekend: #WWIM9

For more information on how to find a group of Instagrammers near you, visit After your meet has taken place, don’t forget to tell us about it through this form.

We’re putting the Weekend Hashtag Project on hold this weekend. Instead, we’re challenging people around the world to participate in the ninth Worldwide InstaMeet! Get together with a few close friends and explore or meet some new friends by joining a larger group in your local Instagram community. Share your best photographs and videos from the walk with the #WWIM9 hashtag for a chance to be featured on our blog Monday morning! Be sure to also include in your caption the location where your event took place along with the unique hashtag you’ve chosen for your InstaMeet.

Once you’ve had your meet, don’t forget to tell us about it here: Tell Us About Your InstaMeet.


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Food Revolution Day 2014 on Instagram

To view more photos and videos from Food Revolution Day, browse the #FRD2014 hashtag and follow Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) and Food Revolution (@foodrev) on Instagram.

Today marks the third annual Food Revolution Day, a day of global action to get kids excited about healthy food, learn cooking skills and raise awareness of the importance of better food education.

"I won’t ever stop demanding positive change that gives the next generation a brighter future," says UK chef Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver), who started the campaign in 2012. “It’s a sad fact that our children are getting unhealthier and they’re expected to live shorter lives than their parents. This is morally, socially and financially unacceptable, which is exactly why this record will carry on playing.”

From the UK to the Netherlands to Zambia, more than 100 countries are taking part this year. Jamie and his Food Revolution team are hoping to beat last year’s record of 1,260 events, with an aim of 1 million young people cooking on Friday. Schools and football clubs will be cooking alongside world-renowned chefs, and you can join in the fun by finding an activity in your area, going to a farmers’ market or just cooking a healthy meal at home and sharing your creation on Instagram with the #FDR14 hashtag.