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The Week on Instagram | 123


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  • Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHP3x5. View photos from the last project, #WHPdancers.

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World Water Day 2014 on Instagram

For more photos and videos from World Water Day around the world, browse the #waterday and #worldwaterday hashtags.

Around the world, 1.2 billion people—nearly a fifth of the planet—lack access to clean water. To call attention to the plight, the United Nations designated March 22 as World Water Day. Here are just a few of the many people and organizations on Instagram working to raise awareness about water issues around the globe:

  • (@water) - Working with hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia and Central America to provide access to safe water and sanitation. Collaborating with Benjamin Heath (@benjaminheath), Steph Goralnick (@sgoralnick) and Simone Bramante (@brahmino) to share scenes from Kenya on Instagram.
  • Balazs Gardi (@balazsgardi) - Photojournalist who has spent the past decade documenting the effects of the unfolding global water crisis.
  • charity: water (@charitywater) - A non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet. Currently working with Vik Muniz (@vikmuniz) and Students Rebuild (@studentsrebuild) to bring clean water to over 16,000 people in Tanzania.
  • Corey Arnold (@arni_coraldo) - Photographer and fisherman documenting glaciers for Project Pressure (@projectpressure) to create the world’s first interactive glacier archive in order to better understand climate change.
  • Hurley H2O (@hurley_h2o) - Hurley’s water initiative striving alongside Waves for Water (@wavesforwater) to provide clean water for everyone.
  • WaterAid (@wateraid) - Bringing water, sanitation and hygiene education to where it is needed most for over 30 years.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium (@montereybayaquarium) - California aquarium with a mission to inspire conservation of the oceans.


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Creating Smiles with @willitbeard

For more photos and videos of Pierce’s beard, follow @willitbeard on Instagram.

Instagrammers across the world have been experimenting with using their hair as a home for a variety of inventive looks. US Instagrammer Pierce Thiot (@willitbeard) and his wife Stacy (@stacythiot) embarked on their creative beard collaboration after a family talent show. Pierce explains, “Stacy and I were in Dallas over the Christmas season and we were spending time with my parents. My mom had asked all the grandkids to do a talent show and it was adorable! I decided to try and get a laugh by sticking as many pencils in my beard as possible. A pair of scissors ended up in there, too! After that, I just thought it’d be cool to see spaghetti noodles in there. Then Stacy and I started thinking about what else could ‘beard.’ It’s been a really fun project to work on together.”

Pierce and Stacy say they hope to put a smile on people’s faces with their account: “As long as someone laughs, or smiles, or it makes their day a little bit better, then it’s been a success. We don’t take this project too seriously. We just do it because it’s fun and we want to share some joy.”


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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHP3x5

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The goal this weekend is to create a 15-second video made of three five-second clips. Some tips to get you started:

  • You can use your five-second clips to tell a story in three parts. As starting points, think about a sequence with a beginning, middle and ending, or experiment with filming the same subject in three different ways.
  • You can also get more abstract with this project. Create scenes that all explore the same theme or emotion in very different ways to convey a message or feeling. Don’t be afraid to leave narrative behind.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to the sounds around you as you film. Your audio will be a key part of telling your story.

PROJECT RULES: Please only add the #WHP3x5 hashtag to videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own videos to the project. Any video taken then tagged over the weekend is eligible to be featured right here Monday morning!


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Above the Clouds at Nepal’s Tengboche Monastery

To see more photos and videos from the site in the Himalayas, explore the Tengboche Monastery location page.

3,867 meters (12,687 feet) above sea level and at the foot of the Himalayas stands Tengboche Monastery.

Built in 1916, the monastery sits in the Khumbu Valley of Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the final stop on the “Sacred Sites Trail Project,” a circular trail of 10 monasteries in Sagamatha that draws thousands of adventurous travelers from across the globe each year.

"The surrounding mountains are incredibly rugged monoliths of dark gray and white," says Jessica DiCarlo (@jessicadicarlo), one such adventurer who shared several photos on Instagram during her visit to Tengboche in November. “It really set the tone for the rest of my trek through the Himalayas.” In the end, she says, “it ended up being one of my favorite places on the Sacred Sites circuit. Sunny, freezing, gorgeous and with a lovely community of monks.”


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The Wavy Lines of Hundertwasserhaus

To view more photos and videos from Hundertwasserhaus, explore the Hundertwasserhaus location page.

Austrian painter, architect and sculptor Friedensreich Hundertwasser passionately rejected the straight line, going so far as to call it “godless and immoral.” His Hundertwasserhaus, an apartment complex in Vienna, embodies that commitment to irregularity. Built between 1983 and 1985 with architects Joseph Krawina and Peter Pelikan, the building has undulating floors, a grass-covered roof and 250 trees growing inside the rooms, their limbs reaching out windows. The Hundertwasser House is now one of Vienna’s most visited buildings and a part of Austria’s cultural heritage.


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Capturing the Beauty of Wagasas with @atsuko12

For more photos and videos from Atsuko, follow @atsuko12 on Instagram.

"My first encounter with wagasas (Japanese umbrellas) was when I started working at a shop that sells them,” says Kyoto Instagrammer Atsuko (@atsuko12). “When I first held it in my hand, I was immediately drawn to the beauty of the traditional craftsmanship that shines through them.” For Atsuko, this was not only the beginning of a job, but the start of a mission to spread her passion for the umbrellas with their hand-carved handles and oil-paper tops.

Through her work, Atsuko came to discover the decline in the overall traditional craftwork industry and felt alarmed by it. “Currently, the number of artisans who produce the wagasas are decreasing, and they are aging with very few successors. There are only four stores left in Japan that specializes in selling them, of which three are in Kyoto. As much as we want to preserve these traditional crafts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so.”

Atsuko decided to start a series on Instagram to express the elegance of wagasas and send this message to the world. “I want people in and outside of Japan to understand the beauty of the traditional umbrellas and familiarize them in people’s lives. That’s why in the photos of wagasas I share on Instagram, I like to intentionally go outside of the classic Japanese settings and arrange them in artistic or everyday scenes.”

Atsuko takes the wagasas to the historical and modernized districts of Kyoto, where she captures them in the seasonal landscape of the city or blending in with the surrounding architecture. “Most of the portraits with the red umbrellas are self portraits, but I also have friends and other Instagrammers who shoot me and model for me,” she says. The figures with the wagasas are often dressed in western clothing, fusing modern and traditional cultures. “When I shoot the wagasas, I always keep in mind to tell at least one interesting thing about it in each of the photos I take.”


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InstaMeet Roundup | 12

Are you participating in an InstaMeet soon? We want to hear about it! Tell us more here.

Over the past several weeks, Instagrammers around the world gathered to take photos and videos and share them on Instagram. Several Instagrammers crossed country and state borders to join InstaMeets and physically unite diverse communities.

For the first time ever, Indonesia and Malaysia came together in East Java, for #InstaMeetJiran, a four-day InstaMeet on the active volcano Mount Bromo. In the United States, Instagrammers from several neighboring states gathered in Little Rock, Arkansas, for the #Arkansawesome InstaMeet. Europe Instagrammers from across the continent also congregated in London for the #LondonMeet_Feb14.

To see what it’s like to attend an InstaMeet, browse the photos and videos from each meet’s hashtag page:


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Hashtag Highlight: #promposals on Instagram

To view more proposal photos and videos, explore the #promposal on Instagram.

Prom season is officially underway in the United States. Prom, short for “promenade,” is a high school dance typically held at the end of a student’s senior year.

Elaborate, creative or funny “promposals”—asking someone to the dance—can reach mythic status, and students have been sharing some of their proposal experiences on Instagram.


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The Making Of: Bookbinding with @pegandawl

For more from Margaux’s life and works, follow @pegandawl on Instagram.

For Philadelphia artisan Margaux Kent (@pegandawl), her love of bookbinding—and of Instagram—has its roots in journaling. Having made books since she was a child (“The first book that I made was called Circis Acters for Mommy. I must have been 6.”), she took up the craft in earnest after taking it upon herself to repair a beautiful book that had fallen apart.

Once preferring to build large-scale books, she turned to her signature miniature style as a matter of efficiency. “I use only antique and vintage leather to cover my books, so naturally, I had lots of gorgeous scrap,” Margaux explains. “I made a few miniatures to draw attention to my other journals one year at Renegade Craft Fair and they ended up selling first. I got into minis from there.”

Together with her husband, Walter, and a team of a few others, Margaux crafts for Peg and Awl, a small business creating products out of “treasures found and recovered from misfortune and neglect.” Her books and other handiworks—photographs, jewelry, writings and more—populate her Instagram account, which she sees as a new extension of her past journaling habits.

"When I used to write all of the time, I would write to my imaginary children and grandchildren of the future. I always had to have a someone out there who was reading," she says. "Instagram has become the voice that once belonged to the pages in my book. ‘Fill me! Identify something worth identifying!’"