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Treasure Hunting in Mexico City with @lanzgg

For more photos of Jacinta’s street treasures, follow @lanzgg on Instagram.

“This city is a place full of life, loud noises and big smiles. It is saturated with colors and flavors,” explains Mexico City Instagrammer Jacinta Lanz (@lanzgg). Though Jacinta is originally from Dayton, Ohio, she moved to Mexico City as a young child and has found artistic inspiration in her adopted country ever since. “I’m on the lookout for color, decay and people. When I find all of those things together, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Places that look forgotten, old, dirty or even ugly often become treasures for me. I find something extraordinary, in the everyday ordinary.”


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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPteatime

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The goal this weekend is to capture beautiful photos and videos around the theme of tea. Some tips to get you started:

  • From the preparation and pouring of the tea to the surroundings, company and conversation, many elements make up the ritual of teatime. Bring the elements of those rituals together and capture the moment through video.
  • For photos, seek out soft window light, spend time arranging the details of your table and explore different angles as you shoot.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Get dressed up and stage a tea party somewhere unexpected, unearth vintage tea cups in a thrift store and let your caffeine-fueled creativity run wild.

PROJECT RULES: Please only add the #WHPteatime hashtag to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs and videos to the project. Any tagged image or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning.


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Visiting the Vibrant, Colorful Cityscape Of Willemstad, Curaçao

For more vivid landscapes and architecture from the island of Curaçao, explore the Willemstad location page.

One of the first things visitors notice about Willemstad, the capitol of Curaçao, is its brightly colored houses. The Dutch-influenced architecture reflects the colonial history of the tiny island nation, located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela.

“The landscape and the people who live in this city are as diverse as they come,” says Gaby Lieuw (@sandandstilettos), who grew up in Curaçao and currently runs a travel service for tourists to the island. “Many people speak at least four languages fluently—Dutch, English, Spanish and the local language of Papiamento—and switch between them effortlessly throughout the day.”

According to Gaby, large music festivals are a defining feature of Willemstad, ranging from traditional tumba music to Bruno Mars. But one of the most memorable events that takes over the city center is Curaçao Pride, a celebration of LGBT community which runs from September 24 to 28. Visitors flock to Willemstad from all over the world to participate.

“Pride events on the island are getting bigger and better every year,” says Gaby. “Curaçaoans always know how to throw a good party.”


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Staring Into the Eyes of a Hawk with @floatingfeather

To see more fiercely beautiful raptors, follow @floatingfeather on Instagram.

“You can disappear into the fire and magic of the eyes of a hawk,” says Mike Shaw of HawkWatch International (@floatingfeather). He would know: The non-profit organization leads regular wildlife trips in Nevada, where visitors can come face-to-face with apex predators. Recently, Mike took a high school class to a hawk migration site located on a steep, windswept bridge. “The students got to the top, some close to tears, and immediately wanted to go home—until hawks started zipping past their heads,” he says. “Suddenly, they never wanted to leave.”

HawkWatch’s Instagram features piercing, up-close-and-personal photos of hawks and other birds of prey, with one goal in mind: inspiration. “It would be great if a picture prompts someone to turn their eyes to the sky for a couple of minutes a day, to put up a nest box, to volunteer somewhere,” he says. “Or to just realize how fiercely beautiful raptors are.”


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Lee Bul’s Solo Show for Ikon Gallery

For more photos and videos from the Lee Bul show, explore the Ikon Gallery location page and follow @ikongallery on Instagram.

Lee Bul's first solo show at Ikon Gallery (@ikongallery) glitters in Birmingham, UK. “Her pieces repeatedly manipulate you through the exhibition, growing around doorways and swallowing you into dark corners,” says Jenine McGaughran, exhibitions coordinator. “We specifically created environments within the gallery so that the works and their surroundings are in constant conversation.”

The works are popular to photograph. “The reflective and refractive surfaces of her glass works also create a dazzling effect,” she says. ” The lens gives the works another element, a new angle at which to view them.”


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On the Wheel’s Edge with @mamotoraman

For more photos and videos of Mamoru’s bicycle portraits, browse the #乗るオヤジ hashtag and follow @mamotoraman on Instagram.

“I’ve always been good with riding bicycles, and I thought it’d be fun to start a photo series of me riding them in creative ways,” says Tokyo Instagrammer Mamoru Kanai (@mamotoraman), who shares his “Riding Pop” series on Instagram.

He ventures out to various neighborhoods with a skilled photographer friend who captures Mamoru performing one-wheeled bicycle stunts such as “wheelies” (standing on the hind wheel) and “stoppies” (standing on the front wheel). The stunts are mostly captured in one shot, as Mamoru tries to hold the position as long as he can in the busy streets. He even adds an extra bit of challenge and humor by performing the tricks while seated as if normally riding a bicycle. He clarifies, “You’ll see it if you tilt the photo and make the bicycle straight.”

Instead of using a technical bike, however, Mamoru rides a mamachari (“mom’s bike”)—the most generic type of bicycle in Japan that often comes equipped with a basket or a child seat (or both). “The most significant point about these portraits,” he explains, “is the irony of performing stunts on ordinary bicycles that are made for moms with kids.”


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Reminder: The Next Worldwide InstaMeet is October 4-5!

Our next Worldwide InstaMeet is next weekend, October 4-5! To connect with Instagrammers in your area or learn more about hosting an InstaMeet of your own, visit

From “Bikestameets” in Italy, to an “InstaMatch” in Rio de Janeiro, here’s a roundup of InstaMeets from all over the world to get you inspired for the next Worldwide InstaMeet, #WWIM10:

Here are some tips from Russia InstaMeet participant Dmitry Morugov (@dimikangaroo): “Come to the InstaMeet with a positive mood, create some ideas for photos in advance, and try to realize your ideas with others. Do not forget to use a hashtag for photos that you will post afterwards and explore new places in your city.”

Make sure to hashtag your InstaMeet #WWIM10 and tell us about it here:


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Inside the Sweet Life of a Chocolatier with @compartes

For more photos of Jonathan’s craft chocolate creations, follow @compartes on Instagram.

For Los Angeles chocolatier Jonathan Grahm (@compartes), the art of crafting sweets has been a lifelong project. As he explains, “I love chocolate. I think up recipes in my dreams and have a little book next to my bed where I write down flavor combinations.”

Jonathan first started making chocolate at the age of 15 and, driven by his passion, purchased a chocolate shop nine years later. Despite having no formal training, he has grown Compartes into an international brand producing small batches of over 200 different—and often unexpected—flavors.

In creating recipes ranging from blackberry sage to “Old Hollywood” (dark chocolate with smoked sea salt), inspiration often comes from Los Angeles itself: its traditions, its people and especially its farmers markets, where Jonathan finds and shares photos of the freshest ingredients. “I go to the Farmers Market on a Sunday, and on Monday morning at 10 AM when we open, there are people waiting to get the flavor of chocolate that I made with the ingredients that I was picking up.”

Channeling his upbringing and experiences in the city, Jonathan has ultimately molded Compartes into a reflection of himself: “It’s my world, likes, loves, passions and ideas spread out onto chocolate. The future only gets bigger and brighter—and more delicious—from here.”


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The Daily Diary of a Sketchbook Artist

To see more photos of Anna’s notebook sketches, follow @sally_mao on Instagram.

“The absolute truth appears in your drawing when you have no chance to change it,” says Moscow-based Instagrammer Anna Rastorgueva (@sally_mao), who creates an exquisite daily diary using only felt-tip markers. She takes inspiration from the detailed illustrations of botany and zoology books, a lifelong love of hers. “When I read ‘Brehm’s Life of Animals,’ I dreamed of meeting all the heroes from the pages of his book,” she explains. Anna draws anywhere, whether standing among thousands of people at a concert or even at a nude beach. For her, drawing is her personal space. “When I draw, I can dive deep into the moment and emotions. As Salvador Dalí said, ‘Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.’”


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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPthemakingof

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

This weekend’s prompt was #WHPthemakingof, which asked participants to roll up their sleeves and capture videos of things made by hand. Every Monday we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.