Since the earliest days of Instagram, people have been meeting up to take photos and videos together. As the community has grown around the world, so too has the occurrence of InstaMeets, gatherings of people coming together to connect, explore and celebrate their creativity.

Join a Meet-up
Go to and find meet-ups happening in your city, then click “Count me in.” Make sure to invite your friends… the more Instagrammers, the merrier!

Host Your Own
Don’t see an upcoming event in your area? Organize your own! Check out the Instagram blog for inspiration and helpful tips.

Spread the Word
Spread awareness and build excitement by telling people about your InstaMeet on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We also want to know about it! Once you’ve held your meet-up, tell us here. (Note: You’ll need to log in.)

InstaMeet Inspiration

Keep it Simple
The goal is to get other Instagrammers together to meet one another. Pick a photogenic place that’s easy for people to get to.

Share your InstaMeet plans with your friends on Instagram, and use Instagram Direct to reach out to others in your area that might like to participate.

Pick a Hashtag
Select a unique hashtag for your InstaMeet to help spread the word and build excitement. During your meet-up, the hashtag will help you explore other people’s photos and help them find yours!

Be Inspired
Having trouble nailing down the details? Devise a theme or select a location for your meet-up by exploring past InstaMeets on the Instagram Blog.