December 2010

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The Instagram Community - One Million and Counting

It was 12:15am, October 6th and we had been working on the app non-stop, day and night for 8 weeks. With a bit of hesitation, I clicked the button that launched “Instagram” live to the Apple app store. We figured we’d have at least 6 hours before anyone discovered the app so we could grab some shut-eye. No problem, we figured.

Within a few minutes, they started pouring in. People from places like Japan, France, New York, started signing up in droves. The night of sleep we were hoping for turned into a few meager hours before we rushed into the office to add capacity to the service.

Now, only a couple months later, we’re happy to announce that our community consists of more than a million registered users. But why is this important?

We believe it’s the beginning of something bigger. When we started working on Instagram, we tried to imagine what the world would be like if everyone could contribute media to an open, transparent, and international community. For a startup with 80 users at the time, this was a big hairy audacious goal. Little did we know that within a few short weeks we’d see more images from all over the world than we could have ever imagined. It was both rewarding and humbling to see people embrace Instagram as both a new home on their iPhone - and a new way of communicating visually with people around the world. We believe this is only the beginning. With 6.7 billion people in the world, we’re a tiny fraction of the way there, but we’re extremely happy with the progress.

So as we close out on 2010, the first couple months of being live, and welcome the new year, we’d like to extend our greatest thanks to each and every one of the million folks who have taken the time to participate in Instagram by sharing small moments of life through gorgeous mobile photos.

Happy New Year, and here’s to many more!


Kevin + The Instagram Team

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Fast, beautiful, photo sharing - now with Foursquare

We’re excited to announce a very cool integration with our friends over at Foursquare. When we launched two months ago, we decided to add the ability to automatically check-in on Foursquare if you tagged your photo with a location. This was a fun and convenient way to check-in, but your friends on Foursquare would never see the photo. Bummer.

Today all that changes with Foursquare’s announcement of photo support.

Now, every time you select “Foursquare” in the sharing options and tag your photo with a location, we’ll not only check you in on Foursquare, but we’ll also attach the photo as part of your check-in so your Foursquare friends can see as well. Neat, huh? We sure think so.

Of course, we’re open to more integration ideas too. Why not hop on over to our forum and contribute to the list?

And if you’re new to Instagram but curious to try it out, well howdy! We’re the fastest, most beautiful way to share photos from your iPhone to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous and now Foursquare. You should download the app in the App Store and get snapping!

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October 2010

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Welcome to Instagram

We’re really excited to launch our first version of Instagram today, free in the App Store. Instagram makes mobile photos fast, simple, & beautiful.

When we sat down three months ago to start designing our product, we looked at digital photos and realized very few exciting things had happened in the last 5 years. We’re setting out to change that, and this release is our first step along the way.

Some of the problems with photos we heard from users that we tried to solve:

1. “My mobile photos look lame”: even though the megapixel count on phone cameras keeps going up, most mobile photos don’t have mood and tone. We set out to change this by making it super-simple to transform your photos using 11 one-click filters in the app.

2. “It’s a pain to share to all the friends I care about”: some of your friends want to follow your every update in life; others like seeing some occasional posts on Facebook. We made it super-simple to share photos not only with your followers in the Instagram community, but with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr, all with a tap of the switch.

3. “Photos take forever to upload, and viewing them is slow”: we worked to make the uploading, sharing, and viewing experiences as smooth and speedy as possible, whether you’re using a first-gen iPhone or the latest and greatest.

We’re looking forward to seeing your photos & hearing your feedback on our app. We’re all ears at You can also learn more about us, see our FAQs, and, if you’re an iPhone developer or designer, give our jobs page a look.

A huge thanks to our fantastic beta testers, who have given us the tough love that every app needs as it’s being created, and taken some stunning photos along the way, from San Francisco to Barcelona, Sao Paulo to Amsterdam. Here are three of our favorites, by @chrismessina, @colerise, and @grex:

Want the app? Download it for free in the App Store!

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